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Let's send Bobby back where he belongs: the Ohio Senate 

As our next State Senator, Bobby will fight for working families, strengthen public education, protect women's, civil, and human rights, and battle Republican corruption. But he can't win without your help. Getting involved is easy, just click the buttons to join team Hagan and put Bobby on the road to victory and Ohio on the path to a brighter future!

Bob Hagan officially enters race for 33rd Senate District, vows to battle for working families, fight Republican corruption

Bob Hagan today formally declared his candidacy for the 33rd District seat in the Ohio State Senate. Hagan, who represented the district from 1997 through 2006, made the announcement after filing his candidacy petitions at the Mahoning County Board of Elections.

In remarks to the diverse group of supporters who accompanied him to the BOE office Hagan said he is seeking the office because he cannot sit on the sidelines as a battle rages for “…the future of our state, the soul of our nation, and the very existence of our democracy.”

He also said he intends to run a campaign of ideas and ideals and will not allow his Republican opponent to hide from or mislead the public. “The people of the 33rd District know who I am and what I believe,” Hagan said. “The same can’t be said about my opponent."

Read the full text of Bobby's remarks here: 

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Hagan continues to rack up major endorsements